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We learn many things from Japan on nutrition.   Japan has the oldest population in the world with over 27% of the people that are 65 or older;  they also host per capita one the largest populations of those over 100.  Using traditional Japanese fermentation technology and bring it up to a new proprietary level with our CFT fermentation. 

Food is important in our overall health and with our organically produced QOLA having a bioavailability not previously obtained .  It has helped many people with problems in their daily quality of life.   We have testimonies from people that believe our product has changed their health and consequently their life.  We have developed QOLA using our CFT fermentation technology, fermentation another Japanese nutritional secret.

There is no way to predict how each of us as individuals benefit from a high concentration of nutrition, here are some of the comments that our customers have volunteered.


Now with QOLA, I jump out of the bed in the morning with lots of energy and no pain and go out and chop wood.

KM, Australia

"I wake up refreshed and tiredness is gone in the morning after using QOLA。 

  (KM, Australia)

"I eat less and feel full after a meal. I now eat only two meals per day.  I attribute this to QOLA."

。(KT,75; RC ,Australia)

"After taking QOLA daily, now I enjoy long distance walk, as before I could hardly walk 50 meters now 3 km." 

"I had a migraine headache every day for years. Daily I took an over counter pain reliever, and woke up un-refreshed. Now that I take QOLA I do not need the medications and wake up refreshed. I take one table spoon of QOLA per day."

(KG, Japan, a singer)


"My husband, uses QOLA but not his younger brother. Both brothers were diagnosed with dementia. Both were retired businessmen. Having brothers and a sister in the medical system my husband's brother and wife chose the medical system approach. We took a natural approach, which included both QOLA, Vitamin B12 and Protandim.  The results over two years: My husband continues to drive a car by himself; his brother when he does drive has his wife giving him directions. We live a normal life at home where my husband in his 80s continues to work with his horses, cut wood, and do other farm work with machinery. His brother has retired from his farming into a semi- independent care system facility. At the reunion of his university fraternity, my husband gave a speech. His brother at a family reunion has become reclusive and not communicative. He no longer makes eye contact whereas my husband does. My husband flew to California by himself to meet a friend, they went together to Las Vegas and then back here for two weeks. We took the better path. I am thankful for QOLA."


"Health of both improved and the frequency to hospital visits eliminated, and intake of drugs reduced or eliminated. Doctors are wondering why, I think it is QOLA I started to take daily"

(TM:KM Japan)

(GC,:KT ,Australia)

"After starting to use QOLA daily, frequency of going to toilet at night is reduced, and I sleep well, from 3 to 4 times a night going to the toilet to none or one during night."

"I work at the gold mine, a shift worker. Working nights is hard. I started to take QOLA and after about half a bottle I started noticing an increase in energy and I was sleeping better. It was really great!  I wasn't particular about how much I took: about a cap and a half twice a day to get it into my system. My energy was up, I would get out of bed after a couple hours of sleep and I would be out in the bush cutting wood. It was really good. I can't say enough about waking up with energy.

My shift I could adjust more easily. My aches and pains, especially in my back wasn't aching as much. I was feeling more healthy. Oh yeah! I would usually wake up out of bed really sore! Life is a lot better with no pain and no side effects to drinking QOLA. I feel younger."


Karl M, Australia

"After suffer from bowel cancer, I found that I lost almost all control of this part of my anatomy making me constantly rush to the toilet at alarming regularity.  I then began taking QOLA and control returned, along with most of my energy.  I am very grateful for the benefits that I received from QOLA." 

Our son, Josh, was born with digestive issues and was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at 3 years old. Upon removing gluten from his diet, he was better but has still had trouble being constipated, having cramps and the skin on his arms has always had a rash.  I have tried everything from probiotics to all kinds of foods/smoothies and have never been able to make real progress- fiber has helped.  He is now 15 years old and is almost through the case of QOLA® that we bought and it has been miraculous!  His skin is significantly better, he is going to the bathroom regularly without cramping and we are beyond thrilled.  (JL US)

I have action based tremors, when I take the QOLA it helps reduce the tremor.  I also take medication for hi cholesterol, it was not controlled until I started using QOLA. RK, US

I used to bike in several 100 mile rides every year.  After injury prevented me from doing biking or other similar activities my weight started to increase along with my heart rate.  After taking QOLA my blood pressure and pulse rate is back to when I was much younger.  MK, US

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 



"With QOLA conjugal relation has improved, quarrels disappeared.  I feel better and in a better mood."  (: JS&SS, Japan)


"The pain of the heart is gone, I think my daily QOLA did it for me."(KT, Australia)

"The blood pressure has come down; 145/85 to 130/ 70" (TM, Japan)



"The sugar count of diabetes has come down, and doctor is wandering why. Marker from 6.8 to 6.2, I think it was the QOLA that helped."(MK, Japan)


"Skin has grown to be younger and I do not get sunburn after starting QOLA." (CT, Australia)


"I drove 1200㎞ in 14 hours alone without much rest, something I could not do before drinking QOLA." (KT,Australia)


"I had heart surgery and my wife had cancer treatment. Now both take QOLA and recovered well to normal life." (NB 71,JB 69, Australia)


"I had four strokes and five heart attack in the last four years. Taking QOLA last two years, I recovered from both ailment and now free to travel driving caravan around the country." (GC,Australia)


"I am feeling so much better since I began QOLA! My energy levels are so much better. My arrhythmia has not been a problem, my concentration and my eyesight has improved as well."

Fay D, Australia


"My wife and I were tested for parasites in Europe. She is very particular about avoiding parasites and I am the opposite. We both had been taking MMS. I added QOLA and she took only MMS. Two months later we were again tested in Europe and I had practically no parasites whereas my wife's count was about the same. The only difference was my taking QOLA and her not taking it. I have lowered my daily intake of QOLA but continue to take it as I see the benefit."

Greg N, Australia


"My sister, about 70 had high blood pressure and used warfarin, seeing her doctor three times a week. She had to stay close to her doctor who said she could die anytime and advised her to be careful of both activity and food.  Daily she took her blood pressure and recorded it. She followed what her doctor said and had a list of foods not to eat. She hesitated drinking QOLA but because it was a food drink and the food was not on the list her doctor had given her, she drank it and began to feel better. She continued seeing her doctor and little by little her dosage of warfarin was reduced. Recently she took a cruise with her daughter's family. She looks and feels so much better." 

KT Japan





"My husband, 69, retired, does volunteer work daily and has returned to graduate school. He comes from a family with diabetes. His father died of diabetes and his sister is blind from the disease. Although my husband was diagnosed with diabetes, his sugar level count is down from 6.8 to 6.2 with no changes in his normal life other than Q. Because his count has now come down within the normal range he no longer fears the disease."


"Due to the positive changes in our lifestyle, we both will continue drinking Q".  KM, Japan

"I wake up refreshed and tiredness is gone in the morning after using QOLA。(KG,72,Japan)

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