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Fodder Yoghurt for Sheep

  for Sheep 

Probiotic Feed 

Advantages when used as directed:

Better feed conversion Faster growth
Quality meat
Quality wool
More milk
Cost effective, higher profit margin
Less stress and nervousness
Trace minerals High in vitamins
Absorption of vitamins and minerals
Better digestion and healthy gut microflora
Well balanced Essential Amino Acids, highest in antioxidants
Full amino acid profile
Pre-digested nutrients Boosts the immune
Better health No GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms)
Complements any feed program
Odour reduction
Less feed pass-through

OZA Fodder Yogurt is made to order for your needs and cost effective, using only 1% of Fodder Yogurt into the daily feed ration. 

OZA products include a collection of several families of beneficial micro-organisms.  Fine tuning over many years through numerous trials has seen the right balance of each family blended to create specific enhancements for each area of need and each industry.  Crown Organics has developed a family of products suited for each industry.


Utilizing OZA® Applied Microbe Technology, the technology that accompanies OZA® products, sheep farmers and dairies are able to product chemical free lambs, wool, and milk in the growing worldwide organic industry.  Some of the benefits of applying OZA® are higher milk production, increased lanolin on the wool, good lamb production, reduced feed costs, branded product, and chemical-free wool.  Crown Organics will tailor to the specific needs of each farmer in order to achieve premium products.  Contact a Crown Organics product support specialist for consulting.  Crown Organics will help create a program to achieve your goals.

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