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OZA is a natural way to restore, redeem and rejuvenate

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OZA aids in all the right places...
growth and condition
meat quality
weight management
odour reduction
water purification
milk production in sows
meat quality
pathogen and pest reduction
manure moisture and management
lagoon and slurry management

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"Our weaners are 3 weeks ahead and finish 5 weeks earlier, thus decreasing feed cost. Fat cover is less than before, increasing in our sales value. There is absolutely no odour in the pig area."  NSW 

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Lagoon management

  • Subject to the right application, moisture, temperature and non-chemical organic matter in the water, C2A® Lagoon... 

  • Improves water quality so it can be recycled

  • As a ‘value-add’ it assists in changing liabilities to assets (C2A®)

  • The process produces liquid fertilizer for ease of spreading 

  • Recycles solids into a liquid fertilizer for spreading on broad acre cropping or pasture 

  • Facilitates unlocking and uptake of minerals and other soil nutrition

  • Increases, activates and feeds OZA® prebiotic/probiotic microorganisms contained in C2A® to the soil

  • Cost savings from recycled water and in-house fertilizer production

  • Reduces odour molecules (NH3, CH3 and H2S gasses) - these are broken down into harmless natural substances

  • Reduction in fly population

  • OZA® C2A Lagoon Management promotes the development of Lactic acid. The production of lactic acid lowers pH and promotes the development of “beneficial micro-organisms while inhibiting the growth of many “harmful” bacteria (pathogens e.g. Salmonellae, e.coli)

  • Helps eliminate EPA and neighbor complaints 

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