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Crown Organics cares for our environment 

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Soil and water remediation with Crown Microbes, how can we help your community 

When people think of microorganisms, they think of ‘BAD’, but that is not necessarily true.

Although microbes have been used in the food industry in fermentation technology, Crown Organics have expanded this technology for environmental use. Multiple microbial groups have been reapplied to provide the basic elements necessary for water, wastewater and industrial sludge. We at Crown Organics manufacture necessary products and service this revolutionary technology.

Our CFT® and OZA® AMT technology can assist in decomposing putrefying, decaying and oxidize matter that produces ammonia and hydrogen sulfate by natural biological action of OZA Micro-bio Technology.  Our various OZA Biological Management Applications can assist in digesting N2, C2, S2 and NH3, H2S CH4 gasses, simply and effectively.  It has shown to effectively reduce odour from wastewater and effluent plants by natural biological action.  This of course, has a positive environmental impact.

– Wastewater
– Animal waste
– Lagoons
– Food processing wastes such as cheese, wine, and canneries
– Abattoir waste
– Sludge levels and pathogens
– Water quality
– Odour
– Suspended Solids and turbidity

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