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OZA® Biological Farming

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Crown Organics has been involved in the cattle industry for over 30 years specializing in the Japanese, Australian and American markets.  Utilizing OZA® Applied microbe Technologies, cattle farmers are able to produce chemical free and organic cattle in the growing worldwide demand for safe food industry.  Some of the benefits of applying OZA® products and Applied Microbe Technology are higher feed conversion, increased quality, better finishing, premium prices, reduced feed costs, branded product.  Depending on your specific needs, Crown Organics will custom make to achieve the targeted objective.  Contact the Crown Organics Support Team for consultation.  Crown Organics will help you create a seasonal application program to achieve your goals.

  •      Promotes healthy gut flora  improving feed conversion.

  •      Changes ordinary feed into highly nutritious, pre-digested feed.    

  •      Free amino acids and antioxidants become immediately available.  

  •      Strengthens and supports digestion and the immune system.

  •       Suppresses harmful bacteria in the gut.

  •       Digestibility of protein and calcium are greatly increased

  •      Profit increased

  • Odor is reduced

  • Cattle coat was glossy and healthy in appearance

What others say

“With our milking cows, we were 55th in the pool of 67 farmers.  A year later we were in the top two or three in the pool, receiving 75% more income than previous years, earning an additional 12 cents more a litre.  Beginning with water treatment we increased the use of Biological Dairy Management to include pasture and feed.  In severe drought we milked full term.”
- K & L Tasmania, Australia

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Cow edited in photoshop, fine tuned 1004

Cows prefer the OZA water

Complex Fermentation Technology® (CFT®) natural organic lactobacillus bacteria and symbiotic yeasts, used to naturally ferment feed for dairy of all types and ages. 
CFT® increases digestibility, palatability and assist in balancing the digestive tract microbes in the gut. CFT® increases protein digestibility, and relative nutritional value. 
Consists of several different groups of beneficial probiotic microorganisms making the unique and powerful  CFT® blends. The CFT® concentrates, when fermented with various other inputs has allowed us to develop a range of products to use across the agricultural and horticultural spectrum, industrial waste, water and animal husbandry. The simplest way to explain how CFT® interacts with nature is that it is like yogurt for soils and animals.

  • Restore 

  • Redeem 

  • Rejuvenate

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