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Having graduated with a full scholarship from Dartmouth College and University of Minnesota Korekiyo Terada and his wife Carolyn Terada PhD, a graduate of University of Minnesota, developed new products for several industries but one problem remained nagging them, healthy quality living.  They started a quest over 20 years ago to take a centuries old Japanese secret to healthy living and bring it to the modern age. The process begins with sprouted Koshi Gold brown rice bran, premium red grapes raised with their proprietary technologies and kelp refining using their CFT fermentation technology, they produced QOLA or Quality of Life Advance.

Korekiyo worked with the Japanese government’s studies on food nutrition and cattle supplements.  It was the forerunner of studying what happens to nutritional value when you use more chemicals in food production and less organics or more natural methods.  The more chemicals are used leads to less nutritional value.  

The Japanese people have a higher average life expectancy than most other country's life expectancy, food nutrition is certainly part of the answer.  Chemicals are not the answer.

The journey- 

began over twenty years ago after studying what was happening in food value and working with the Japanese government with cattle production and importing cattle to Japan. 
They began with amending the soil with a beneficial microorganism that was organically produced that had roots back to a centuries old fermentation technology.   With a lot of help from many people and years of research and testing they found ways to improve on what had been done in the past.  That met the first leg in their goal of producing better, more nutritional product. 
Their research took them to other problems that they could find solutions for:   Richer soils, better egg production with a bonus of a better-quality egg.  They also found a treatment for oil used in deep frying, and wine that did not need any Sulphite.  Their feed amendments for livestock and horses have shown remarkable results.
The next logical step after much testing was for human consumption, QOLA.
Our product line, you will see how we had to build our own products to get where we are now:


OZA C2A    Organic water cleaner
ODAGO        Organic odor spray
CERA-BIO BRICK        Water enhancer
OZA Digest    Organic stock feed
Fodder Yogurt    Pre-digested performance feed
OZA FODDAGE    Palatable nutritious fodder
Harvest Booster        Heavier sweeter yield
TIDAL Harvest    Fermented sea minerals
OZA SOIL and CROP ENHANCER    Nitrogen fixation

Diplomat   Organic Shiraz wine Sulphite free

Enzymes and beneficial microorganisms have played an important part of our overall food and nutrition.  By starting from the ground up- literally, they built a foundation that the overall value is yet to be fully understood.  

Our Founders

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