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Make your body the best it can be

The Japanese have enjoyed remarkable health, one of their secrets has been attributed to fermentation.  The roots of the Japanese style of fermentation started hundreds of years ago and with over 20 years work we have taken fermentation into the modern age with our CFT technology.  Find out what that means for you, naturally- not chemically  

Restore & rejuvenate cells


Improved nutritional levels are known to reduce free radicals, thus boosting the immune system. This enhances the body’s self-healing power leading to a more active joyful life.  


Enzymes and beneficial microorganisms have played an important part of our overall food and nutrition.  By starting from the ground up- literally, Crown Organics have built a foundation that the overall value is yet to be fully understood

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 
― Hippocrates

Our body is under attack

Too many antibiotics

Emotional stress



Processed foods

100% Natural
Our Products

Take you first step to better health

QOLA® - 10 bottles for a 10 week cleanse 


Drink 25ml, 30 minutes before meals in water or beverage.

 - Use 1 bottle/week for 10 weeks, taking consistently.

 - From the 2nd box, take what you need according to your life style.

   Note: refrigerate after opening

Fermentation technology


This fermented drink is made by Crown Organics’ CFT®, enhanced Japanese fermentation technology. CFT® converts food nutrients into enzymes for efficient absorption.  

Only top quality materials


Sprouted Koshi Gold brown rice and premium red wine grapes are grown using Crown Organics technology. All ingredients are organically grown and are certified by NASAA . We also include kelp from the Tasman Sea.

  • Natural
  • Organic
  • Non GMO
  • Enzyme rich 
Centuries in the making

Fermentation at its best with our proprietary CFT technology

What we believed and promoted for years now is being accepted by modern medicine. 

This is a food product, not a medicine.  It is designed to allow the efficient use of the nutrition your body takes in and help the body defend itself.  

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